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Join former Barclays chief dealer Peter Brown as he takes you through the 2021 investing outlook and how to start investing. 

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Start To Invest


''I really enjoyed the course, I thought it was excellent. I found it all very interesting, densely packed and relevant.''

Jamie (August Investing Fundamentals Course)


 ''Peter's experience and commentary covering all the various assets classes, coupled with pensions, mortgages, shares, and tax advice from the other experts made this course very enjoyable and increased my knowledge greatly in many areas. I found his insights on currency particularly useful. 

Brendan (Start to Invest and Investing Fundamentals)

Delivered through 3 online modules followed by Questions and Answers.

Investing Principles

  • Basic investing principles
  • Economic outlook 
  • The difference between investing & trading
  • Getting started, investing small amounts

Getting started

  • Guide to using investing platforms.
  • Key investing terms explained.
  • Setting Risk Parameters
  • Pitfalls to avoid.

First Property

  • Mortgage pitfalls to avoid.
  • Positioning yourself for approval.
  • Getting the best value mortgage
  • Selecting the best life insurance.

Course Lecturer

Peter Brown has over 35 years’ experience in the financial markets and has managed treasury operations in financial institutions including Barclays, BNP, Ulster Bank and ACCBank. As chief dealer and subsequently general manager of treasury, pensions and investments he became expert in structured finance, funding, trading, investments and risk management. He is the co-founder of Baggot Investments and formerly the Head of Education at the IIFT. Peter features regularly on RTE, TV3, BBC World, RTE Radio and NewsTalk.

Peter Brown

Course Start Date

Wednesday 6th of January


Spend a little today. Save yourself a fortune long term.

You learn about stalactites and stalagmites in geography, you spend up to 14 years learning Irish but not one minute in our educational life on personal finance and investing education. Learn investing principles and terms, how to achieve the best return and get the best value from your mortgage and investments for the price of dinner for two.



Why go it alone? Learn from a finance industry veteran with 40 years experience. Learn from the mistakes and wins of someone who has been there and done that.


Burning questions

There is a question and answer session after each session. This is an opportunity to go through any investment questions you might have with a finance industry veteran - Peter Brown - after each session. Are you considering applying for a mortgage but wondering where to start or what are the common pitfalls to avoid? Award-winning advisor Mark Solon will answer any questions you may have during our third module.


Save Big

A 1-2% mortgage rate difference over the life of your mortgage could save you a huge amount of money long term. On a mortgage of €330k on a house valued at €450k, shopping around could save you €101k*. How do you switch mortgage or get the best deal in the first place? Mark Solon joins Peter to explain and answer your questions.


Investing Outlook

There’s not much point making investments without some knowledge of the wider investing situation; i.e if will there be a V shaped or U shaped recovery or are we set for an economic depression? Peter will discuss the current landscape and 6-12 month outlook.


Dream big

Make your money work for you. With the right skills and a long term investment strategy that early retirement or dream home may not be that far away. Peter will show how a couple of simple changes and techniques over the long term could save you a substantial amount of money. Cutting down fees and charges on a 100k investment over 30 years could leave you with 190k more! Enough to retire to a nice cottage by the beach or travel around the world for a year at least!

* Comparison based on a AIB mortgage versus a BOI mortgage, with AIB variable initial interest rate at 2.95% and BOI initial interest rate of 4.2% with total amount repayable with AIB of 529,542.36 and €630,422.75 with Bank of Ireland. Comparison created using the CCPC mortgage calculator on November 30th 2020. Both subject to terms and conditions. Illustrates significant savings possible over long term on a mortgage when customer shops around and avails of best possible rates.

**If you invested £100,000 and it grew 6% a year for 30 years, you would have £374,532 with annual fund charges of 1.5% a year. If the fund charged 0.06%, you would have £564,676. That’s £190,144 more, purely due to charges. (As featured in the Guardian.)